Our team

Helena Brychová is the national director of YFU CZ since the spring of 2022. Her work involves coordinating the office team and ensuring everything happens as it should. Before she joined the YFU CZ team, Helena worked in the banking sector for many years - but you would never assume that, based on her humble and down-to-earth personality. Helena is always smiling and friendly, and is the mother of 2 children. She has traveled extensively abroad, having lived in both Germany and Australia. Outside of work she enjoys art of all kinds. She took a course in dubbing and likes to write, paint, and learn languages. Recently she has taken a liking to Spanish! She also enjoys improvisation, which sometimes comes in handy in our office, as well as in everyday life. 

Zuzana Zahradníčková, our Inbound Coordinator, takes care of the students who come to spend their exchange year in the Czech Republic. She studied in the United States with YFU herself! After that experience the wind took her across Asia all the way to Australia, where she lived for 5 years. Back home in the Czech Republic, she now places inbound students in host families across the entire country. Zuza works to ensure that all incoming exchange students enjoy the Czech Republic and that all their needs are met. Outside of YFU Zuza teaches English and in her free time enjoys traveling and going to festivals. There is a special place in her heart for art and culture. 

Tereza Fikrlová, is our Outbound Coordinator and takes care of all things related to students who want to take the leap to study abroad for a semester or a year. Tereza works with outbound students from the start of the application process until they step on a plane to their host country (and while they are on exchange, too!). If you have any questions concerning outbound students, you can be sure that Tereza will know the answer. Her time-management and coordination abilities are of the highest level, which can be seen both in the office and at home with her two sons. In her free time, she enjoys traveling around the Czech Republic and abroad with her family in their campervan. 

Šimon Dařina is the Volunteer coordinator for YFU CZ. This involves communicating with all the volunteers and determining their responsibilities. At the same time,  he provides supporting documents, volunteer seminars and events for volunteers at YFU Czech Republic. He had his exchange year in Uruguay in 2020 and you'll never meet him without the traditional Uruguayan drink maté. He is currently studying at the University of Economics in Prague. Simon is an incredibly chill guy who is always willing to listen to you. He likes to play sports, whether it's voleyball or skiing. 📧simon.darina@yfu.cz

Adéla Kroupová is a YFU alumna, having studied in Sweden in 2018-19. You will almost always find her with a cup of coffee in hand. She joined the YFU office team in the fall of 2021 as the Outbound and Special Projects Assistant and since then, she helps Terka with everything concerning outbound students. Adel is a master interviewer and is probably the only person who knows where to find everything in our office. She is also the administrator for our Instagram and takes care of our promotional activities. Outside of YFU, Adel is currently studying Marketing and PR at Charles University in Prague. She spends her free time traveling, participating in sports, and watching TV. 📧adela.kroupova@yfu.cz

Veronika Rátonyi is our new colleague in the position of Public Relations Coordinator. You can see her work on our social media like Instagram or Facebook. She was on her exchange program in Germany in 2018/2019. Since then she has stared studying innovative bussines. in Prague, from which she will soon hold a bachelor's degree. She says yes to everything, so you can find her everywhere (rugby, handball, school, work, travel...) Veronika loves travelling, animals (she has a beautiful Shiba-Inu Amy) and making different creative projects. 📧veronika.ratonyi@yfu.cz