"In the free time I sing in choir..."

"Whaaat? Where is it?", that´s what Kira´s classmates in Germany said, when Kira applied to spend one year in the Czech Republic. Look at Kira´s story and see how is her experience...

"This year changed my life"

Come to Czech Republic. Get some inspiration from Tessa. A student from the Netherlands, who is on her exchange program in Prague, Czech Republic .

My first month in the Czech Republic

6. 10. 2016

Karla from Mexico decided to step out of her comfort zone and embark on a year long journey - exchange year in the Czech Republic. It is definitely not easy, as Karla confirms, but it is worth fighting for. She is now learning Czech, attendning local high school and experiencing whole bunch of new activities with her host family. Read her story in this article.

The experience of a lifetime

23. 9. 2016

Diego from Uruguay had been intern in YFU Czech Republic's office from January 2016 until September. Read his story - why and how did he choose the Czech Republic, how he struggled with the language, what has he experienced and how has he enjoyed himself.

"I don't want to think about leaving in few months..."

11. 3. 2016

It happens rather often, that host countries become "second homes' for many students. Mira, from Germany, is no exception. She came to the Czech Republic in summer of 2015 and is enjoying her exchange to the fullest. Read her story, where she explains how she struggled with Czech language at the beginning of her exchange. 

více novinek

YFU je nezisková organizace, která nabízí studium pro středoškoláky formou studijních pobytů v zahraničí. Studuj v zahraničí, poznej novou kulturu, nauč se nový jazyk, osamostatni se a rozšíř si obzory. Nabízíme studium v zahraničí s pobytem u hostitelských rodin. Nauč se cizí jazyk a poznej svět přímo na vlastní kůži, studuj rok v zahraničí! YFU nabízí semestrální a roční pobyty v zahraničí pro středoškoláky.

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